Robert James Starr

Most Bios that I’ve seen are written in the third person. It seems to be the industry standard yet I find this style to be a bit impersonal. My intent is for you, may fan, to know who I am and where I’ve come from so that you may grasp some of the influences of my music when you listen.

I grew up in the suburbs of New York City in a blue-collar middle class neighborhood. I went to public schools that were deeply integrated with kids from all cultures. My grandparents worked as full-time professional Jazz musicians. I grew up surrounded with many genres of music including Jazz, R&B, Rock, Pop, 50’s Doo Wop (which really moved me), Gospel, and Blues. I played saxophone beginning in fourth grade through high school. I played in concert, marching, and Jazz Stage Band (my favorite).

I began my serious study in guitar in high school where I became enthralled with Southern Style Rock music. My favorite bands included Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshal Tucker, The Outlaws, and many others. In high school I was convinced I would go to Music School (Berkley in particular), but my parents had other plans. Their concern for my financial welfare prompted them to sway me from a career in music. The reminded me of the rough life my grandparents had on the road and ultimately convinced me to pursue a career in engineering and science.

I struggled in school to earn my degrees, all the time practicing and performing music. Rarely has a day passed where I have not practiced, written, performed, music. I often state that “I did not choose music; music chose me”. In 2015, my work life brought me to Mississippi. From the moment I arrived, I felt a new energy in my musical self. There is something truly magical about the Deep South that re-kindled my love for southern music, in particular the blues and gospel genres.

Mississippians are proud folks with deep family and spiritual roots. I often say “If you haven’t lived in Mississippi, then you don’t know Mississippi”. The media often portrays Mississippians in a rather negative light. These wonderful people and places have inspired me to write my best songs about love, pain, courage, and fear, and truth.

So here I am, a Blues guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter with passion to share my God-given gifts with those who care to listen. There was a time where I thought “making it” was how many records I could sell. The true meaning of “making it” for me is the ability to be “making” my music and sharing it with the others. That is the true gift. That is the journey!