Light a Fire with Me

by Robert James Starr

Released 2019
Released 2019
Blues Music with Southern Soul.
“Robert James Starr’s new self-titled album lays his soul bare, and his ambitions as well!” – Blues Blast

This album is the follow-up to my 2017 release titled “Unfinished Bizzness” which some might say is an
“Angry Blues” album. My new album is titled “Light A Fire With Me” and while it exudes a great deal of
the energy from within me, it has some great funk and jazz grooves along with my traditional shuffle

“Light A Fire With Me” is my Call to Music Lovers who appreciate songs that get their feet tapping and
their bodies moving. It takes some kindling to start a fire and my prayer is that you will be the kindling
that starts the RJS fire. Share my music with everyone you know through social media. Come on out to
my performances and bring a friend. It will take each and every one of you to get tis fire burning hot and
I want to thank you in advance for all of the support many of you have given to me and for the future
support I am confident you will give.

I’ve been blessed by having the honor to work with a collection of stylistically diverse musicians who are
at the top of their game as studio and live performers. My engineer and co-producer Kevin “KJ” Jones is
my musical “Master Chef” who takes these ingredients of fine performances and blends them into the
tastiest sounds, grooves, and vibes!

Special Thanks to My Band:
Bill Lewis - Drums
David Hopkins - Bass
Bobby Collins - Sax
James Bell - Keys
Bud Carson - Harmonica
Stephanie Luckett - Vocals
Lauren Wooten - Vocals
Keith Boutwell - Harmonica