Unfinished Bizzness

by Robert James Starr

Released 2017
Released 2017
Southern Blues, Country, Gospel music with a Brooklyn Flair!
Born in Brooklyn, New York, on March 16, 1961, Robert James Starr comes from a musical family. By making his career in music Starr is following the family tradition dating back to his grandparents who were professional jazz musicians.

The Blues-Rock guitarist, songwriter, and singer says he has always been drawn to delta blues such as Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters, but also more contemporary players like Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Joe Bonamassa, and BB King and it shows in his music. His style is a hard-driving electric blues with a southern country-Gospel flair.

Many people may be familiar with Starr’s earlier Rock and Contemporary Christian work with Fallen Angel and the Bobby Starr Band. RJS plays electric blues and soul. He is known for his fierce and intense electric guitar, raw vocals, and gripping on-stage charisma which captivates his audiences. His string-bending guitar style is reminiscent of Freddie King or Robert Cray, and his strong, clear vocals really pack a punch. The material on his new album entitled “Unfinished Bizzness” is fresh and original, as Starr wrote nine of the songs on the album.

Interested in music from childhood, he made his first record when he was only eighteen. This led to a US tour with a strong troupe of musicians, but fame can be fleeting in the music industry, and his success was intermittent. Starr retreated into the 8 to 5 work world becoming a successful engineer, business owner, and corporate executive while remaining steady in his musical endeavors. He continued to perform limited engagements around the country including Arizona, Las Vegas, Florida, and Mississippi. He would release numerous albums and singles in the country, rock, and Christian veins. RJ’s latest release entitled "Unfinished Bizzness" has brought him back into the spotlight only 38 years after his first single.